Whether public corporation, private interest, association, or government entity, CEO, senior management corporate counsel, or small business associate — public policies and government decision-making pose challenges and opportunities for any organization.

Pending legislative or regulatory issues can threaten or change your industry. In California alone there are over 5000 new laws drafted in each legislation session (2-year). Anyone of them can impact your members.


Capitol Partners, LLC. (CP) provides services covering the full spectrum of public affairs — combining comprehensive counsel with proficiency in government relations, strategic positioning and communications. CP brings diverse experience and deep knowledge, as well as responsive and creative business solutions.

Our staff has a reputation for devising and advocating practical and politically viable solutions to complex issues — often in a highly charged political environment. On certain matters, our political strategy calls for a limited and carefully calculated approach; on other matters, we establish broad-based coalitions or mobilize grassroots campaigns. We have experience leading both types of efforts.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the statutory and regulatory framework in which issues arise, coupled with strong ties with the Legislature, Governor’s Office, and other state decision-makers and opinion leaders.

This combination positions the CP team as the ideal vanguard for your government relation’s issues. Whether you need legislation passed or stopped, administrative rules written or changed, or trade issues tracked, our front-line position will help you reach your goals.


Key to our success for your members is our understanding of your issues. We will listen carefully to your program goals, work with you to assess the appropriate resources necessary, and provide you with an experienced team to develop a comprehensive approach to reach your goals.


The Capitol Partners, LLC. team includes professional lobbyists whose talents are diverse but whose goals are simple and singular, meeting our client’s needs. Our team works hard to understand the dynamic needs of your organization and assess the best approach with the government entities our clients will work with. Your team leaders are Erin Levi, Kathryn Scott, George Steffes, Judy Wolen, and Jennifer Osen, with Susie Steffes providing legislative reporting and information.

Erin Levi, Partner

Ms. Levi, Partner, is a Gerontologist and recognized leading expert on health and long-term care issues. Prior to joining CP, Ms. Levi was a founding partner of Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler, a top-ten Sacramento-based lobbying and government relations firm. With over 18 years experience, Ms. Levi has worked in the Administration, the Legislature, and as an advocate and lobbyist. Ms. Levi served as the Director of the Office of State Relations for the State Assembly for the Speaker of the Assembly where she interfaced with legislators, state departments, commissions, and boards. Ms. Levi has also served as a Chief Consultant to the Assembly Majority Leader as well as the Committee on Aging and Long-term Care, where she led the policy and budget negotiations for health care delivery providers and systems, and nursing home reform. In these leadership positions she was responsible for managing health and human services legislation, budgets and policy. Ms. Levi served as program and legislative staff at the then named Department of Health, now DHCS, in the Licensing and Certification division.

As a veteran lobbyist, Ms. Levi continues her focus on healthcare issues, assisting clients with legislation, procurement, business and policy development and relationship building. Ms. Levi also focuses on public safety and local government issues.

Ms. Levi graduated from the University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology, a Masters of Health Care Administration degree, and Masters of Science, Gerontology degree.

George R. Steffes

Mr. Steffes consults with all the clients engaging legislators as needed to meet your legislative goals. Mr. Steffes has overseen clients over the past 45 years. He has extensive experience leading aggressive legislative campaigns to promote or protect the interests of providers, particularly in the areas of healthcare funding and governance, staffing ratios, patient care, public health, scope of practice, provider relations, labor relations, building and seismic issues, etc.

Having worked for Governor Reagan’s administration he has intimate knowledge of the process used to analyze bills, as well as strategies used to influence the administration in various capacities. With over 45 years experience in the ‘third house’, Mr. Steffes has launched successful legislative campaigns of various sizes. He knows the resources needed to effectively attain a client’s goals, including the development of monitoring and research products, the proper selection and use of the media relation resources, and effective grassroots campaigns.

Continuing to maintain positive relationships with key legislative leadership in both parties, Mr. Steffes has effectively relayed the position of his clients through numerous legislative leadership changes.

Judy Wolen, Judith E. Wolen & Associates

As a contractor with CP, Ms. Wolen brings expertise in health care issues, including professional scope of practice issues and regulatory affairs. Ms. Wolen assists Ms. Scott in managing the legislative and regulatory needs for all our clients.

Ms. Wolen has extensive experience working with clients in the healthcare field for the past 30 years. Aside from assisting the CP team, she has also represented NAMI-CA for over 18 years on mental health issues including working with CPA on AB 88 (the original mental health parity bill). She also previously represented EDS and Computer Sciences Corporation for regulatory matters, such as Medi-Cal and Healthy Families contract issues. She previously represented American Specialty Health Plans in all managed care legislative and regulatory issues, United Concordia on Covered California, as well as, Health Management Systems, representing their legislative and regulatory interests as related to third party reimbursement.

Ms. Wolen has positive, long-lasting relationships with key staff at the Department of Health Services, Department of Managed Health Care, Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of Consumer Affairs and California State Legislature.

Ms. Wolen graduated from Syracuse University with a Master’s degree in Public Administration in Health.

Susan Steffes-Ferri

Ms. Steffes-Ferri manages all online reporting and research for our clients, including legislative tracking, media monitoring, regulatory activity, state agency monitoring, and any research needs related to state government. Ms. Steffes-Ferri has been providing monitoring and research services to our clients for over 25 years. During that time she has developed a product and service model that provides vital, timely information.

Clients who receive our monitoring and research product understand it is an invaluable tool that keeps them apprised of the location and movement of their entire legislative package, their regulatory environment, and the changing political landscape.